Leverage your customer data

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) centralizes all data on a single interface, making client and lead management easier. Salespeople can have better client knowledge, increasing conversion rates and sales.

The EMW method

CRM is used to understand your leads’ position within the sales funnel.

From a marketing point of view, CRM allows you to consolidate and analyse your clients’ or your leads’ data, by segmenting and targeting your database. In addition to that, it makes it easier to enhance the work of each acquisition channel. Then you can optimize your marketing strategy and hand over qualified leads to your sales team.
To do so, you will have to implement a lead nurturing strategy to guide the leads through the different steps of the funnel.

From a commercial point of view, your salespeople will be able to monitor your leads’ position within the funnel. This will give them the ability to prepare tailor-made sales arguments. This method leads to more efficient and higher transformation rates.

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The tools and guidance

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