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Digital transformed customer’s behaviour who doesn’t respond to mass marketing anymore. Marketing Automation allows businesses to send a customized messages to the right clients at the right time using the right channel.

The EMW method

Méthode EMW en Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows you to build automated and customized relationships with your clients and your leads, throughout the sales funnel.

1- Attract

The first step of an Inbound Marketing strategy is to attract visitors to your website or your digital environment. In order to do that, you should consider developing a blog and strong SEO and social media strategies. If the content you publish brings an added value to your visitors, they might take a step further in the funnel.

2 – Convert

Once a stranger is transformed into a visitor, they must leave their information to then enter a nurturing program. Inbound Marketing plays an important role here : understanding the users’ and predicting their behaviour, in order to provide them with the right product or service.

3 – Close 

Your leads’ data is now in your database. The aim of lead nurturing is to trigger a sale. Marketing Automation and lead scoring allow you to qualify your leads and facilitate the task for the sales team.

4 – Delight 

Building a relationship based on client loyalty and having brand ambassadors is key, because they can reflect the product or the service quality. A satisfied client will spread positive feedback to others, who can be at some earlier stage of the sales funnel.
Excuse My Web develops for each of their clients a different scenario underlying the strategy to adapt the nurturing and lead scoring program.

Excuse My Web develops for each of their clients a different scenario underlying the strategy and the guidance.

The tools and guidance

Choose the right solution, according to your needs, in order to achieve your goals.


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