Marketing automation - CRM

  • Full name: Alcatel-Lucent
  • Industry: high technology and industry
  • Employees > 20 000

Company overview

Alcatel-Lucent makes communication and network technologies affordables, accesibles and sustainable. Their solutions help companies adopt new uses by allowing conversation across different support from the office to the cloud with ‘Application Fluent Network’.

Our mission

We support Alcatel-Lucent’s Services Center in global marketing automation to create templates. We also help the national director in setting up campaigns and reach their goals.


  • Eloqua/Salesforce Management
  • Creation and production of global and local campaigns (15 languages)
  • Lead nurturing programs
  • Asset design, creation and integration
  • Micro-sites

Some projects of marketing automation tool implementation

We work closely with our clients to build long term relationships. Find the clients that we accompany in Marketing Automation and CRM