Choose the right CRM solution!

The choice of a CRM solution is a step into your digital transformation journey. This is why your business should be ready for change. Are you ready to implement them? What are your real needs? What are your goals? Can you manage the deployment of the solutions? Is your team ready?

Here are the basis features
of a CRM tool
  • Contact management
  • Buyer’s journey
  • Daily dashboard
  • Document management
  • Automatic data capture
  • Integration with third-party systems
CRM tools
we use

Salesforce is a leading CRM solution. Based on the cloud, Salesforce allows you to centralise your sales, services and marketing actions. You will then be able to have a better understanding of your customer behavior. In fact, Salesforce is also called Customer Success Platform. The advantage of this solution is that you do not need to have advanced IT skills to set it up or manage it.

Salesforce allows you to:
  • Improve your sales team productivity
  • Make a decision based on up-to-date data
  • Generate more leads and close more deals
  • Use artificial intelligence to help you understand your results
Hubspot CRM

Hubspot combines CRM and Marketing Automation. It was created to decrease your sales team’s manual work and optimise their productivity levels by placing clients at the core of your processes. In fact, the Hubspot interface is quite intuitive and each step of the process can be customized.

Hubspot allows you to:
  • Organize your emails, record calls and generate client data
  • Follow up on the entire sales funnel
  • Synchronize with Gmail and Outlook
  • Identify the content used by leads to customize the approach
  • Create landing pages and CTAs
  • Update your website’s content, optimize it for search engines and customize it for each visitor
  • Manage your social media accounts, your blog and you email campaigns
logo Sugar CRM

Sugar optimizes your sales team’s performance, helping them follow leads and opportunities within the funnel. It also allows the automation of marketing campaigns.

Sugar allows you to:
  • Forecast income
  • Visualise sales people’s performance
  • Work offline on the mobile application
  • Collaborate using Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Manage multi channel campaigns
  • Assign leads to your sales teams
  • Centralize requests addressed to your client service
Some marketing automation and CRM

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