Eloqua Marketing Automation

Eloqua marketing automation

WHY? The customer experience, the heart of your
marketing strategy

By focusing on the customer experience, Marketing Automation is now an integral part of the digital transformation and communication strategy of companies. This practice allows you to listen to your audience and send them the right messages at the right time. This optimizes your lead generation and customer lifetime value.

HOW? Eloqua Marketing Automation,
driving your customer experience

Eloqua Marketing Automation combined with your CRM allows you to define tailor-made scenarios according to your audience’s progression in the conversion tunnel. Thanks to automated workflows, you can run dynamic campaigns. These are based on a better analysis of your audience behavior, your conversion rate, and many other KPIs and metrics.

Our Marketing Automation experts are committed to understanding your business, your target, your systems in order to assist you in:

  • the choice and implementation of your marketing automation solution.
  • the creation and execution of your campaign scenarios.
  • the analysis of the performance of your campaigns in order to optimize them.
  • the evolution of your digital strategy which integrates lead management, lead nurturing and scoring.

WHAT? Benefit from the Eloqua Marketing Automation network

Eloqua Marketing Automation is an Oracle solution that helps personalize the customer experience, increase conversions and accelerate sales by delivering the right message at the right time. You will be able to plan, create and implement marketing campaigns through different channels. This Marketing Automation solution has different options to analyze the behavior of your audience on your website and social networks. Then, you can segment and target your personas with more relevant content.

Eloqua, one of the leading solutions

Eloqua, one of the leading solutions on the Marketing Automation market, combines demand generation, email marketing and lead management on a modern, easy-to-use and ergonomic platform. You can also:

  • create content calendars
  • set up promotional campaigns
  • manage your lead nurturing
  • create SEO optimized content that is adapted to each of your personas
  • create landing pages and forms
  • publish content on your different platforms
  • analyze your data after publishing or launching a campaign
  • use data to optimize and create new content

Oracle Eloqua’s strength is its network (over 500 partners representing over 700 integrations). This allows companies equipped with other solutions, including CRM, to synchronize them in a logic of evolution and extension.

Our experts can define and deliver an end-to-end, simple and understandable view of all your marketing efforts within Eloqua. You will be able to better understand your prospects’ expectations and easily detect new opportunities in your market. Thanks to the dashboards, you will benefit from a better reactivity in your decision making. And, you will be able to capitalize on new opportunities and gain in competitiveness.

At Excuse My Web, we are committed to helping you leverage the full potential of Eloqua to help your business grow.


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