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WHY? Marketo Marketing Automation to generate more value

Email, smartphone and websites are the most important channels in terms of marketing. More than ever, it is necessary to automate marketing messages, to provide a customer experience adapted to the Buyer Persona‘s daily life. The Lead Generation strategy must be designed to focus on the customers who can generate the most value. This is called Customer Lifetime Value.

HOW? Marketo Marketing Automation, to better understand your audience

It is important to send a message adapted to each type of prospect. This is done according to their progress in your conversion funnel. This is monitored within your CRM solution.

Marketing Automation allows marketers to spend more time planning dynamic campaigns to meet this need. With automated workflows and Lead Nurturing, your prospects move through your conversion tunnel. This navigation is based on the actions they perform. 

At the end of the campaign, you will have access to precise KPIs. Your acquisition rate, engagement rate and conversion rate can be analyzed. Then, you can study the behavior of your audience. At that point, a decision can be made based on the level of engagement of your targets. 


Our Marketing Automation experts get involved in your environment to understand your business, the characteristics of your buyer personas and your systems. They support you in:

  • the choice and the implementation of your Marketing Automation solution
  • the creation and deployment of your campaign scenarios
  • analysing and understanding of the performance of your campaigns to make them more effective
  • the evolution / progression / growth of your lead management, lead nurturing and lead scoring strategies.

WHAT?Marketo Marketing Automation to generate more omnichannel engagement

Marketo Marketing Automation is a solution from Adobe that increases the engagement rate of your prospects and clients. You will also be able to customize each person’s journey as they progress through your conversion tunnel. Thanks to a simple but complete implementation of lead nurturing campaigns, you can easily know the ROI. Then you can identify and capitalize on the clients who generate the most value for your company.

To increase your chances of reaching your goals, your Lead Nurturing campaigns should be aimed directly at your personas. The focus should be on their needs and interests.

You can create a campaign that links to a product or service for which your prospects have provided information. In this case, there is a very good chance that your campaign will be successful. This is also the case if you link to a landing page, or a Lead Magnet. If the campaign automatically adjusts itself according to the actions of the prospects, the results will be even better. 


This is how Marketo Marketing Automation allows you to do this:

  • Creation of Landing Pages targeting clients or prospects with different needs or “pain points”. By associating them with the Lead Magnets you will obtain information on your contacts. 
  • For every landing page, a Lead Nurturing campaign must be associated. In fact, each campaign represents a distinct marketing segment. Each of these campaigns features unique content that can increase prospect engagement. At each stage of your campaign, you create several variations of content that will respond to your prospects’ engagement rate
  • When your prospects become clients, Marketo offers the possibility to create a new segment. This can be configured to determine the type of purchase and its recurrence for example. Thanks to automatic workflows, their profiles are updated according to the evolution throughout the customer lifecycle. This is done based on interactions, buying preferences or demographics. These developments will be key to your future marketing communications. 
  • Finally, Marketo helps you improve the success rate of your campaigns with personalized product recommendations for your messages. Moreover, for the Marketing Automation solution, Marketo, uses best-practices of emailing to ensure that your messages are delivered to your contacts’ inboxes rather than to SPAM.


Email is one of the most effective marketing channels to date, but not the only one. Your clients expect your company to be where they are. Marketo can respond based on your clients’ interactions. You can deploy your marketing content on search engines, social networks, your website, your mobile app and more. If you track your customers’ offline purchases within a CRM, Marketo can also use these interactions to automate your messages, or change your customers’ marketing segments.

Increase conversion and retention rates

With Marketo, you can track interactions and communicate with your customers across all major communication channels. These features make it a very powerful marketing tool. It is a tool that will allow you to increase your conversion rate as well as your retention rate.


Our experts can define and deliver an end-to-end, simple and understandable view of all your marketing efforts within Marketo. Therefore, you will be able to better understand your audience, and easily detect new opportunities in your market. Thanks to dashboards, you will benefit from a better reactivity in your decision making. Then you can capitalize on new opportunities and become more competitive.


At Excuse My Web, we are committed to helping you leverage the full potential of Marketo to grow your business.


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