Automation of B2B marketing actions with Pardot Marketing Automation

Pardot Marketing Automation

WHY ? The client‘s law

In an increasingly digital world, where 80% of purchasing decisions are made before contacting a seller due to the multitude of information sources on the Internet (benchmarking of solutions, customer feedback, expert opinions, …). Today, the client dictates the rules.

This is why it is essential to put the client at the heart of your marketing strategy. The design of the marketing strategy, formerly guided by sales objectives, must now integrate customer behaviour throughout the customer journey, in order to identify the triggers for action for the sales teams and thus convert the visitor into a prospect and then a customer.

HOW? Learn from your clients with Pardot Marketing Automation

80% of marketing automation users saw an increase in leads, and 77% saw an increase in conversions (source VB Insight, 2015 salesforce website)

Pardot, Salesforce’s marketing automation solution, coupled with Salesforce CRM, allows to highlight the behaviour of clients or prospects and define actions to take, such as an onboarding or welcome program, or entry into an upsell program.

Once you have created your marketing campaigns, Pardot allows you to set up a lead scoring strategy in order to identify more clearly which contacts are interested according to the interactions made with your website, emails and contents. This allows you to feed your sales pipeline with Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL). You will be able to adapt your marketing actions and events according to your target audience. Then, you will reach your conversion objectives by offering your prospects and clients the right content at the right time.

Thanks to Pardot’s integration with Salesforce CRM, you will be able to efficiently manage leads and their progress through the conversion tunnel. You will also be able to take into account feedback from the sales teams. This way, a lead that is not fully ready to be converted can be re-assigned to the necessary workflow to guide it to conversion.

To help you better understand your audience, our Marketing Automation experts are committed to understanding your core business, your target, your systems in order to help you in:

  • the choice and implementation of your Marketing Automation solution
  • the creation and execution of your campaign scenarios
  • the analysis of the performance of your campaigns
  • the evolution of your digital strategy which integrates lead management, lead nurturing and scoring.

WHAT? Follow your clients throughout their life cycle

Pardot’s strength lies in the fact that it benefits from the Salesforce network. If you already have Salesforce CRM, it is important to synchronize the two solutions in order to benefit from the bi-directional transmission of information. This synchronization is important for the success of your marketing automation operations as well as for your sales teams.

In terms of marketing automation, Pardot differentiates itself from its competitors thanks to 3 particular features:

  • The Engagement Studio section – designed for lead nurturing – allows you to create your automated campaign scenarios in a very flexible way.
  • Thanks to the Automation Rules section you will be able to trigger automatic actions (sending an email, updating a field or the score) depending on certain conditions such as the value of a field (Pardot or Salesforce), the opening of an email or belonging to a specific segment.
  • Finally, the Completion Actions feature will allow you to accurately track the progress of your leads through your conversion tunnel. You will be able to know if they opened an email, clicked on the link(s) in your email and filled out the form on your landing page.

Pardot’s advanced Scoring & Grading system allows you to measure a contact’s interest in your product or service throughout their life cycle. Contacts will be given positive or negative points depending on the actions they take following an email received: opening, clicking on a link, filling in a form on your website, unsubscribing… Moreover, if you offer several products or services, you can create Scoring Categories that will help you to know exactly which offer interests your different contacts.


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